Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!

So another year has come and gone. It never ceases to amaze me just how fast life passes us by. My little girl will turn 5 in only 7 days and not to sound cliche seems like only yesterday she couldn't even walk. Now she's this stubborn, independant, resourceful little girl. Her brothers are following closely behind and I get sad sometimes when I think about how quickly it all goes.

My great-great Granny Kelly passed away two days before christmas. She was 99 years old. I was pretty torn up about it but know that she's no longer in pain and can see Grandpa again. I've decided if this baby is a girl to impart Granny's beautiful name Josephine to her. I miss her and wish that my children had the chance to know her better. I hope that my children and grandchildren think the same of me when I go.

Ok enough sad stuff, I saw Rocky and LOVED IT. I don't care that others say it's the same ole blah blah. This movie, to me, is a perfect ending to the franchise and to Rocky himself. I was cheering in my seat and just happy as a squirrel. Great movie!

We stayed up for New Year's. I got to drink sparkly grape juice (sucks but what else is there?). Then we watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend. What is up lately with all the suck ass movies? I admit my choices lately have been kinda cheesy but still, they all just plain suck!! The one exception is the movie An Inconvient Truth. Everyone should see that movie. It really opened my eyes.

I'm off again, have chores to do. Jimbo says not to do them. That what you do the first of the year dictates what you do the rest of it. I'm tempted to just let it go for the day...hmmm decisions, decisions.