Sunday, March 16, 2008

Light Weight

Last night Jimbo took me to the Olive Garden for dinner. I'd decided early on I wanted a Cosmopolitan and we waited at the bar so I ordered one early on. It was the best Cosmo I'd ever had and I ended up drinking 2 of them during my meal.

Afterward we went to shoot some pool and I had a small mug of beer and afterward we headed on home. I felt a bit 'off' but I knew it was from the drinks. I got a bottle of water, downed some Tylenol and hit the sack.

But when I got up this morning I felt like death warmed over. Oh my god was I hung over. I suppose it's a testament that you can't do things like you used to do when you were young. That and I hardly EVER drink. In fact, that is the first time I've had more than one drink in at least 3 years.

So today I remember why I don't like to drink much. I'm such a light weight.


Anonymous said...

Oh... to be 19 again! LOL I hope you had a nice dinner though! :)